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Coastal Redemption Series

Coastal Redemption Series

Coastal Redemption Series

Coastal Redemption Series

Set in the area of Palm Coast, Florida, these romantic mysteries are a perfect for a day at the beach or a chilly night by the fire!

Tide of Deceit (Book 1)


The sandy trail of a missing woman leads straight to diamonds...and murder.

Cassie Taylor's aunt Betsy is missing from her gated Palm Coast community. But when Cassie goes looking, she finds a body, and more questions--who was the murdered man to her aunt? Why did she mail Cassie a fabulous, expensive diamond bracelet? And what does her aunt's tearful neighbor know that she's not telling?

And last but not least, does hunky deputy Tanner just want to keep Cassie from meddling in his case? Or is he staying close because he feels the same tidal attraction she does?

Tanner Reid is a good man and a dedicated deputy. He can't get involved personally with the lovely, spirited Cassie--not when she's involved in a tangled case of murder and possible kidnapping. He must first find the murderer and her aunt. 

But when diamond robberies deepen the plot, danger threatens Cassie herself. When he'd like nothing more than to roll over her like a coastal high tide, can he keep her safe, and keep his hands off? And will they solve the case before someone else dies--possibly Cassie herself?         

"Suspenseful romance that will tug your heart. Tanner and Cassie are brilliantly portrayed, and I couldn't get enough." Haddie H, Amazon
"It had everything I've come to love from this author. There was enough suspense to keep me hooked and enough romance to keep me turning the pages!" Sheryl, Amazon
Wave of Deception (Book 2)

A mysterious stranger can be either your saving grace or the cause of your nightmare.


Rick Ryder’s marriage ended in a train wreck. His ex-wife’s betrayal left him heartbroken and unable to trust anyone. When Rick sees a car lunge off the road and fall to the beach below, he jumps into action to save the woman inside and her children. Once he meets Hannah, he can’t get her out of his mind, but is a relationship worth the risk?


Hannah Reid is a single mom with a lot on her plate. Between work and raising two young girls on her own, there’s little time in her busy schedule for dating. When she’s in a car accident and saved by a mysterious Good Samaritan, she realizes she might have to make room for another person in her life.


When it turns out that Hannah’s accident was far from accidental and instead, the possible work of a stalker, Rick is there to help her pick up the pieces. But is this mysterious stranger the person Hannah needs to help her get through this awful time, or was his deception the cause of her recent troubles? 

"Ms. Lassiter's Wave of Deception is an intriguing romantic suspense thriller with a nice blend of romance and family togetherness to add to your reading pleasure." Amazon Reviewer
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