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Do you read book acknowledgements?

When you read a book, do you take the time to read the book acknowledgments?

I do!

It's like a secret look into the work the author did to make their story come to life. I had a lot of help with Tide of Deceit. Here's the draft of the acknowledgements section.

Tide of Deceit Cover

I dedicated this book to one of my mother-in-laws, Jeri Lassiter, for many reasons. First and foremost, Jeri has been a huge advocate in my writing adventure. She reads my books and recommends them to friends. She does all the things you’d expect a great mother-in-law to do, but her efforts go way beyond that.

Have any of you met her at the Romantic Times Booklover’s Convention? Jeri’s been there with me the last three years. She goes as a reader, and she does love to read. But while she’s there, she’s constantly on the lookout for new marketing opportunities for me, and she passes out my business cards and bookmarks to people she meets in line. Also, Jeri does a lot of traveling, and when she goes on a cruise or stays in a hotel somewhere, she always leaves a trail of my paperbacks behind. Now that is love and dedication! So thank you, Jeri, for all you do!

Special thanks to Undersheriff Jack Bisland of the Flagler County Sheriff’s Office for answering my questions about deputies and missing persons cases in the Palm Coast area. Speaking with you was a huge help in getting this story off the ground.

Thank you to John Featherly for sharing your wisdom regarding law enforcement protocol. Sometimes it’s difficult to marry reality with how I’d like my story to flow. Luckily I have people like John in my life to keep me straight. If something isn’t quite procedurally correct, it’s most definitely my fault and not the fault of John or Undersheriff Bisland.

Thanks to Michelle Duncan of Odyssey Travel for answering my questions about cruising and for helping my family plan many of them in the past. If you ever need a cruise, she’s the travel agent to go to.

Thanks also to Peggy Lassiter, Alethea Ashley, Anne Newport, June Kuhne, Pat Williams, and Susan Bhattacharya for being my beta readers.

Thank you to my Team Tamra street team members for always being there to help with anything I need. You guys rock!

A huge thank you to Mary McGahren for another incredible cover. Thanks for being so patient with me.

Thanks to Jena O’Connor of Practical Proofing, Toni Metcalf, and Mary Featherly for all your help with editing and proofing.

And most of all, thank you to my husband and daughters for your unending support. I love you!

See what I mean? Many people came together to help me make Tide of Deceit the best it can be. Is your work a team effort?

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