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What's your power piece of clothing?

We've all heard of the power suit, right? The suit doesn't work for everyone, but there is some merit in the idea that an item of clothing or an outfit can make you feel more powerful.

What do you wear that gives you some extra oomph? Is it a little black dress, a pair of high heels? What's the equivalent of putting on a super hero cape for you?

For me it isn't a power suit or dress, it's one of my broken-in pairs of Converse All-Stars. When I put them on in the morning, I just know it's going to be a kick-butt kind of day full of writing, cleaning, shopping, or errands. Whatever I'm going to be doing, if I put on my Converse, I know I'm going to be getting a lot of it done.

It's funny that I get all of this from a pair of shoes that I never contemplated wearing until I was in my forties. Growing up, Converse was so not my style. I was a preppy eighties teen, not the kind that would be caught dead in those "ugly" shoes.

But something changed.

I gave them a try and loved them. Now, I have four pairs and wear them often. Yes, I do notice the looks I get from people sometimes, but of course, I don't care. I love it that as I get older, I care less about what people think. It's very freeing to be in my, dare I say, late 40's, but it's pretty awesome, too. (That topic can be a whole blog on it's own.)

Aunt Betsy is one of the supporting characters in my new Coastal Redemption Series. She has Converse sneakers in a rainbow of colors, and she's a free spirit if there ever was one. I wouldn't go that far, myself. While I do love these shoes, my own pairs are black, brown and navy. I do have this great sea foam green color. Honestly, I have no idea why I bought them since there aren't many outfits I can wear them with. Just my wild side, I guess. :)

Converse rock

Plus, Converse is a shoe that both me and my teenagers wear. When does that happen? Does that make me "hip"? Doubtful. I'm fairly certain that no one has ever used that word to describe me.

What item of clothing makes you a super hero?

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