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Thanksgiving Favorites Survey Results

Just for fun, I surveyed my newsletter subscribers to see what they enjoy most about the Thanksgiving holiday. Here are the results of my very unscientific poll.

Question 1: What is your favorite Thanksgiving dish?

Most people surveyed "love it all," and who can blame them. There's something magical when all these dishes meet together on one very stuffed plate. Individually, dressing came in as the most-loved dish at 19%. It beat out the turkey itself, which came in at 18%.

Question 2: How do you like your cranberries?

These results were surprising to me. 37% of the people who took this survey like to eat cranberries from a can. Who knew? 20%, however, don't like cranberries at all.

Question 3: What's your favorite type of pie on Thanksgiving?

Pumpkin pie was the clear winner here with 35% of the votes, which is awesome because it really is the only time we eat pumpkin pie. Pecan came in second with 25%.

Question 4: What's your favorite thing to do on Thanksgiving?

Cooking is on our to-do list for Thanksgiving for sure, but most of us (28%) would just like to retreat and read a book. Of course, I feel like that on most days. :)

How do these answers compare with your favorites?

Honestly, these top picks aren't my thing at all. Dressing is my least-favorite dish, fresh is the only way to eat cranberries, and pumpkin pie is vile. Why eat pumpkin when there are so many other great pie choices? That's the great thing about Thanksgiving though. So many yummy dishes to think of. However you spend your Thanksgiving, I hope it's a happy one!

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